jazz gala for Air France

Cloclo and I chez Air France

On Saturday, I was invited to sing for the Air France gala at the Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan. I performed there in trio with Hyuna Park on the piano and Adrien Chevalier on the violin. It was a lot of fun, everyone was very nice and we enjoyed watching new members getting “pinned” before our very eyes. It was early in the day (for a jazz singer anyway) and I arrived a little sleepy, so when I turned my head and suddenly saw Claude François standing beside me I had quite a shock. You see, Cloclo is to French people what Michael Jackson is to the world, he is an icon, and a dead icon too, so I was very surprised to see him there. Ok, so I had half a sleeping pill the night before, big deal. Well, the point I am trying to make is that the Cloclo impersonator was on right after me and he and his Claudettes gave quite a show! It was actually great and I was bouncing up and down, singing, cheering and screaming. Below is a picture of them. I find this picture so perfect it brings tears to my eyes. Seriously, I had such a great time.

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