Avalon Jazz Band, and its musical collaborators Adrien Chevalier, Vinny Raniolo, Brandi Disterheft, Albert Behar, Olli Soikkeli

Musicians I work with and admire

Oran Etkin, reeds player and world music guru

Joanna Sternberg, singer, bass player, songwriter and unicorn

Amos Rose, Elijah Bridges and their band Mama Juke

Sasha Masakowski, singer and soulsister

Cyrille Aimée, singer and doo-bee-boo scat charmer

Bjorn Ingelstam, trumpet player and player

Gordon Webster, pianist and swinger

Louis Crelier, my father, composer and dreamer

Other artists I’ve worked with and admire

Syrie Moskowitz, photographer, film maker, model, actress, eternal beauty

Eva Qin, photographer, FIT

Victor Jaquier, film director and illustrator

Alexander Klingspor, painter

Philippe Grenade, illustrator and photographer