Praise for Tatiana Eva-Marie

Will Friedwald, for The Citiview: “There’s at least one major singer and bandleader currently based in New York who brilliantly, swingingly, and charmingly carries the Django legacy forward. Tatiana Eva-Marie has consistently delighted audiences with her buoyant style and effervescent personality, all of which fit firmly into the vintage jazz manouche genre that Django pioneered.”

Vanity Fair: “A millennial shaking up the jazz scene”

Downbeat: “Tatiana Eva-Marie and her Avalon Jazz Band explored the connection between Paris and New Orleans”

The Wall Street Journal: “One of the best young singers around)”

New York Times: “The gypsy-jazz warbler”

Village Voice: “they continue in the beloved steps of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, but with a contemporary and delightful American twist”

Gambit Weekly “Best of New Orleans”: “The soft tones and playful energy vocalist Tatiana Eva-Marie employs while tackling the hot jazz styles of the 1930s and 1940s has earned her plenty of accolades both nationally and in her adopted hometown of New York City, where the Avalon Jazz Band is becoming a staple of a thriving Gypsy jazz scene”

Syncopated Times: “If YouTube views are any indication Tatiana Eva-Marie leads one of the most popular traditional jazz bands going. A Swiss-born actress and vocalist she’s on everyone’s young artists to watch list.”

Revista Mercurio: “One of the best voices on the New York jazz scene and a prodigious restorer of golden age sounds, Tatiana Eva-Marie is a multitalented and well-versed artist who calls for resistance in the face of today’s lukewarm world, moved by the groundbreaking spirit of the classics.”

Vents Magazine: Interview about Tatiana Eva-Marie’s album “Bonjour Tristesse”

Sud Ouest: “She has an incredible voice. When she sings in that skilful, swaying tone of hers, chills run up and down your spine.”

Jazz Police: “This band can play like nobody’s business, and they bring their “A” game to every song.”

UpFront NY: “Entertainer of the week: Tatiana Eva-Marie”

Stereo Stickman: Interview for The New York Hot Jazz Festival

“Her Campus” at The New School: Interview “Tatiana Eva-Marie is what many people would call a “triple threat.” She’s brilliant, beautiful, and talented”

Manhattan Digest: “Tatiana is undoubtedly a very bright spot of aspiration for anyone seeking success in New York’s massive art scene.”

Interview for The Brooklyn Paper: “The best way to retaliate is with joy and saying we are still here and going to have a good time no matter what.”

Vents Magazine: Interview about Avalon Jazz Band’s album “Paris”

The Articles of Antiquity: Interview “Tatiana Eva Marie’s soul and storytelling come alive when she tells her truth on stage.”

New York Music Daily: “The Avalon Jazz Band’s new album Je Suis Swing is irresistibly charming, and cheery, and fun”

Interview for KO63 Music: “If the singer can keep jazz alive for a new generation to embrace and appreciate, she’s more than willing to play the role of evangelist for the great American art form.”

Interview for SkopeMag

Interview for Paradigms (podcast)

Interview for AXS Music: “Tatiana is more than just a singer, she is an inspiration”

World Music Central: “Their debut CD Je Suis Swing is a charmer of the first order, capturing perfectly the spark and feel of ‘30s and ‘40s Paris. Eva-Marie’s French and English vocals are as deftly phrased as they are heartfelt, sensual and wide-ranging”

Interview for KPISS FM Radio: “The Zazous represented the resistance that we can all practice on a daily basis, which is insolent joy in the face of despair and a desire to infuse even the most mundane of things with an artistic quality”

La Gazette Bleue (revue du CD “Je Suis Swing”): “Musicalement tout est parfait, ça swingue d’un bout à l’autre; un album qui respire la joie de vivre.”

Interview for Quail Bell Magazine: “Tatiana herself is a voice of tolerance and inclusion and expresses her own multi-cultural heritage as the harmonious joy of ‘the melting pot.’ We need more of this coexistent beauty in our world.”

Interview for Grandlife: “Tatiana Eva-Marie has proven her ability to bring a rich sumptuous atmosphere to any room she walks into, but it’s her voice that we’re most excited to have with us.”

New York Cabaret Today: “This lovely song goddess has a unique vocal style that is akin to the flow of the branches of a weeping willow tree. She does not just sing a song, but she gives flowery, wistful interpretations.”

Broadway World: Tatiana Eva-Marie at the Carlyle (photo coverage)

Fashion Edits (interview): “A talented rising star whose music is as much her own as her style”

Los Angeles Times (Mad Men Premiere): “On the second, main level, the stars of the show each had a “reserved” table near the dance floor where the Avalon Jazz Band played tunes such as “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” and “My Guy”…”

French Morning New York: « Avalon Jazz Band, le groupe de jazz le plus « frenchie » de New York (…) L’occasion de découvrir un duo de musiciens qui allie, sur scène, le charme français au glamour américain (…) Tatiana s’inspire directement de l’esprit des « zazous », ces jeunes Français amoureux de jazz dans le Paris des années 40, reconnaissables à leurs vêtements excentriques. Une touche de swing, et voilà ! Vous obtenez Avalon Jazz Band. »

Jersey Jazz: “The beautiful French chanteuse Tatiana Eva-Marie and violinist/guitarist Adrien Chevalier evoked images of the Parisian Jazz scene of the 40s with Avalon Jazz Band, which emblematic sound was made popular by Django Rheinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.” (about the New York Hot Jazz Festival)

New York Post, “page six”: “The Paris Review’s Spring Revel — a k a “the prom for New York intellectuals” — drew a pride of literary lions as well as models, moguls, artists and at least one cop at Cipriani 42nd Street Tuesday (…) At an after-party at a private townhouse, the Avalon Jazz Band wailed till 5 a.m.”

Black Tie Magazine: Tatiana Eva-Marie at the National Arts Club (photo coverage)

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