Tatiana’s Gypsy Caravan

“Tatiana’s Gypsy Caravan” is a fusion of American hot jazz, French chanson réaliste, Gypsy jazz and Eastern European folk music. The repertoire consists of songs and standards written in the 1920s-50s era inspired by the musical traditions of the East. Celebrated composers, such as Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Joseph Kosma to mention just a few, infused their songs with their cultural heritage whereas others show a fascination for the exoticism of far lands, a glorious example of which is “Caravan” by Duke Ellington.

Tatiana Eva-Marie brings her own mix of Eastern and Western heritage together through this musical project that explores sounds and rhythms in a new soulful way. “Tatiana’s Gypsy Caravan” invites you to consider your favorite standards in a new light.

Repertoire includes: Caravan, Russian Lullaby, La Boheme, Bei Mir Bistu Shein…

Do You Zazou?

“Do You Zazou?” is a tribute concert to the swing kids of wartime Paris who adopted swing as their lifestyle in a cry for freedom and expression of nonconformity. This repertoire invites you to discover obscure French tunes and enjoy classic favorites made famous by Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Juliette Gréco with a fresh Gypsy jazz sound inspired by Django Rheinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. Listen to Tatiana Eva-Marie’s passionate storytelling as she embodies the zazou spirit and brings their cheekiness, strength and childlike love of beauty back to life.

Repertoire includes: C’est Si Bon, The Autumn Leaves, Ménilmontant…

Under the Moon

With “Under the Moon”, Tatiana Eva-Marie, recently acclaimed as rising jazz vocalist by Vanity Fair, is coming at us with a brand new project. As a night owl and swing archaeologist, she has taken interest in unearthing obscure jazz standards which she will add to a repertoire of moon tunes: what does it feel like to be under the moon? These standards express the strange, sad, beautiful, nostalgic and enchanting moments that can happen in the moonlight.

Repertoire includes: Dancing in the Moonlight, Take a Picture of the Moon, Love me Tonight…