“The Gypsy-jazz warbler”


In November 2021, Paris-based Italian pianist Giovanni Mirabassi joined Tatiana Eva-Marie in New York City to record a tribute album to Michel Legrand for Venus Records, with Alexander Claffy on bass and Joe Peri on drums.

“I met Giovanni on the set of a movie I was starring in. He was composing the score and I was writing the lyric. We immediately clicked, and after many friendly sessions of fresh pasta, music and champagne, I suggested we collaborate on an album celebrating one of my favorite composers, Michel Legrand. Ten minutes and a few phone calls later, he had a label on board. The magic continued when we went into the studio and wrapped up the whole thing in just a few hours. I believe this album will be a little gem, a stolen moment in time full of unabashed romanticism – and the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” — Tatiana Eva-Marie

In August 2021, Tatiana Eva-Marie released “I Double Dare You” on Turtle Bay Records, a hot jazz album in collaboration with Eubie Blake’s protégé, ragtime pianist Terry Waldo and his band, made up of young stars of the New York City trad jazz scene. “Balancing Waldo’s experience and Eva-Marie’s finger on the pulse they have produced a collection of timeless tracks, gathered from the American Songbook, that should please serious jazz fans of every generation.” — The Syncopated Times.

“A millennial shaking up the jazz scene”


Tatiana is starring in her first feature film Swing Rendez-Vous, which she co-wrote with French director Gérome Barry, coming out in 2022. “I’ve known Gérome since I was a teenager and we’ve always wanted to work together. A few years ago, when he was sick of Paris and feeling uninspired, I invited him to come spend a few months with me in NY. He followed me on my adventures around the hot jazz scene and ended up making a movie, basically about my life, with musicians playing their own roles. It was quite a crazy, unusual experience, and a window into my world.” — Tatiana Eva-Marie

Swing Rendez Vous Trailer from Edward Bally on Vimeo.

Tatiana Eva-Marie just finished writing the libretto to “Eden Park – a prohibition opera” by composer Gérard Massini, premiering in Switzerland in 2022. She is also the chief editor of Shrine Magazine, launched in spring 2020, and a regular contributor along with authors Mark Buchan, Jeremy Corren, and Graham Jacobson.

“Tatiana Eva-Marie has consistently delighted audiences with her buoyant style and effervescent personality, all of which fit firmly into the vintage jazz manouche genre that Django pioneered.”


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