“The Gypsy-jazz warbler”


Tatiana Eva-Marie plays French pop derived from the Django tradition with Balkan and folk influences. She is returning with a brand new project celebrating the music of guitarist Django Reinhardt, the inventor of Gypsy Jazz. Instead of focusing on the emblematic style that he created, her upcoming album DJANGOLOGY (June 7th on GroundUP Music) highlights the music of Django the composer, with her own lyrics in French, English, and Rromanes (the Gypsy language) set to her original arrangements, laying the foundations for a Django songbook.

“I grew up in the jazz manouche circles, which are dominated by swarms of guitarists – it’s not always easy to fit in as a singer! The microcosm fascinated me and I too wanted to participate in the Django repertoire… I saw only one option: I had to write my own lyrics, tell my own stories, reinvent his music in my own image.” Through her songs, Tatiana narrates her journey from the dark alleys of the Latin Quarter to the chic New York society salons with humor and poetry.

“A millennial shaking up the jazz scene”


“Tatiana Eva-Marie has consistently delighted audiences with her buoyant style and effervescent personality, all of which fit firmly into the vintage jazz manouche genre that Django pioneered.”



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