Tatiana Eva Marie

Nicknamed the Gypsy-jazz Warbler by the New York Times, Tatiana Eva-Marie is a transatlantic bandleader, singer, author, and actress based in Brooklyn. Best known for her work with the Avalon Jazz Band, she was acclaimed as a millennial shaking up the jazz scene by magazine Vanity Fair.

Though her interests have led her to explore a wide range of musical styles, from 1930s pop to modern jazz, Tatiana Eva-Marie’s singing is always inspired by her own French and Romanian Gypsy heritage; a love for the Parisian art scene of the 1920s to the 60s; a fascination for New Orleans music; and a deep connection to the Great American Songbook. Through the lens of this musical kaleidoscope, she explores the music of Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet, Cole Porter, and other composers who were at the origins of French jazz.

She has recently collaborated with internationally celebrated musicians such as Guillaume Perret, Giovanni Mirabassi, Evan Christopher, Sasha Masakowski, and Patrick Bartley Jr.

Tatiana Eva-Marie was born in a musical family to film composer Louis Crelier and classical violinist Anca Maria. She grew up in a bohemian and eclectic musical atmosphere and started her career in entertainment – as a theater and film actress, singer, recording artist and model – at age 4, collaborating throughout her formative years with established artists, such as Henri Dès, Gérard Demierre, Francis Reusser, Charles Joris, Jacqueline Payelle, Eugeniusz Korin, and made guest appearances in her father’s big band The Cotton Club Jazz Orchestra. At age 11, she started her professional training at the Theatre Populaire Romand acting school in Switzerland, and then at age 14, at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Tatiana Eva-Marie attended a special high school for young professional artists and graduated early. At age fifteen, she moved to Paris, where she studied English medieval literature at the Sorbonne University and performed in some of the most renowned theaters in France, including the Comedie Francaise and the Theatre du Rond Point. Tatiana Eva-Marie wrote and directed two musical theater plays, Rhapsodia and The Magic Violin —which were successfully presented at the Avignon Festival— and worked on dance collaborations with Russian-Gypsy dancer Petia Iourtchenko, Persian choreographer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam and actor-director Ivan Shibanov, from the Gogol Center in Moscow.

Tempted by the bright lights of the Great Big City, Tatiana Eva-Marie then moved to New York, hoping to further her career in the arts and pursue her initial interest in the legacy of the Great American Songbook, while exporting her own love for French and Gypsy culture… and the rest is history.