New Project

The Moongirl Project

Tatiana Eva-Marie

Jazz singer Tatiana Eva-Marie and Gypsy swing violinist Adrien Chevalier have been collaborating together on a new project. Set around Tatiana Eva-Marie’s charisma and unique style of singing, it combines vintage golden age classics and original songs with a cheeky retro touch to produce a modern take on the swing genre. Their Parisian origins add a chic and sultry French touch to the music, which ranges from jazz bossas to prohibition-style syncopations. Adrien Chevalier’s influence brings a vibe reminiscent of Django and Grappelli’s Hot Club sound of the 1930’s and 40’s, which creates an interesting contrast to Tatiana Eva-Marie’s smooth voice and phrasing.

Tatiana Eva-Marie and Adrien Chevalier are passionately involved in the New York City swing renaissance movement. Their aim is not only to preserve the swing jazz genre, which has too often been relegated to a dusty museum piece, but to give it a second life by transforming it and creating new contemporary swing originals, infusing them with their different musical inspirations and their unique creative abilities.


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