christmas party band

A Golden Age Christmas

Now it’s official: everywhere you go, in taxi cabs, at your street corner deli, at the beauty parlor or the barber shop… Christmas is in the air! And our ears are starting to fill up with holiday songs while our hearts swell with the promise of Christmas cheer. You gotta love it.

Avalon Jazz Band loves this time of the year! If it were up to us we would be playing “Winter Wonderland” all year long, and we are very excited to be finally able to perform those beautiful American Christmas jazz classics once again. Listen to some samples here.

If you are looking for an original idea that will give a fun and glamorous twist to your Christmas shindig or your Holiday corporate party, look no further: that’s what Avalon Jazz Band is here for. We perform all your favorite jazz carols and classic swing tunes of the Golden Age of Hollywood. We give them a new youth and sound adding some gypsy jazz to make it hot and keep your feet dancing all night. Old school, baby!

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