Speakeasy nyc

Apotheke Speakeasy

On Wednesday, I performed at one of my favorite places in New York City. It’s called Apotheke and it is a true authentic speakeasy. It is located in Chinatown, where a real speakeasy used to exist in the 1920’s, and if you haven’t been there before it’s pretty tricky to find, because it’s in a small dark alley and there is no sign. If you look well, you’ll see a tiny sign with a flask on it saying “apothecary”. They’ve got mixology experts creating dazzling cocktails, including historical ones. Every Wednesday is “Prohibition Night” and they’ve got great swing and retro bands setting the mood: this time it was Avalon Jazz Band and we played 1920’s and 30’s trad jazz and French Gypsy jazz. We had a lot of fun and fought the urge to drink ourselves silly… those cocktails are so hard to resist! Here is picture of me appropriately drinking a Mary Pickford, a cocktail with rum and maraschino cherries named after the famous silent film actress.

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