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Concert at the National Arts Club

Christmastime in New York City, Gramercy Park under the snow, sparkling lights from the ornaments of a great fir tree, the sound of a bagpipe in the distance… where does it come from? Why, from the National Arts Club, naturally! I was thrilled to give a concert with Avalon Jazz Band for the holiday celebrations at this important American landmark. The whole sextet was reunited for the event, with Adrien Chevalier on the violin, Hyuna Park on the piano, Michael Valeanu on the guitar, Jérémy Bruyère on the bass and Francesco Ciniglio on the drums. We performed a mix of swing, holiday classics and French jazz tunes for a packed auditorium full of eager and high-spirited listeners. I wore a beautiful vintage Saks fifth avenue green and gold jacket over a bright red dress to honour the colours of my favourite season. Enjoy the picture below!

Tatiana Eva-Marie New York jazz singer

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