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Happy New Year!

The year was coming to an end, and it was time to let go of the old and celebrate the new. Instead we let go of the new and celebrated the old, because that’s how we roll, us Avalon kids! And it was a long night. First stop was Beaumarchais for a pre-new year craziness “Great Gatsby” themed dinner party, where the pretty hostesses wore their finest flapper outfits and the prohibition style cocktails were at their best. The next stop was a little more complicated: we had to go to Times Square, yikes! And although we had super VIP passes and everything, we still almost drowned in the ocean of tipsy rowdy people agglutinating around the ritualistic dropping ball. Fortunately, we arrived at the Lambs Club safe and sound to perform at their Golden Age of Hollywood new year shindig. The finger food was delicious, the people were beautiful, the band was awesome (ha!)… I am usually sceptic about new year’s eve, but this party removed all the cynicism from my heart. At midnight, we all went down on the street, which we had private access to (thank goodness), and enjoyed champagne and cigars in a shower of Times Square confetti while many teared up at the sound of “Auld Lang Syne” in the distance. I must admit it was a perfect cinemascope New York moment worthy of “When Harry met Sally”.

Tatiana Eva-MarieWhen we returned to the Lambs Club, we enjoyed the rest of the night dancing and taking very smart pictures with fake moustaches and other ridiculous enhancements. Celebrity sightings of the night included Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez, who played the role of Slater on “Saved by the Bell” (I am so old for knowing this). Cutest dimples ever. And of course my favourite Iron Chef was there, Geoffrey Zakarian, and below is a picture of us with executive chef Eric Haugan. Don’t forget Avalon Jazz Band performs there every Sunday brunch, join us, it’s the Best Jazz Brunch in New York City (ah… modesty!).

Tatiana Eva-Marie

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