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Jazz at the Soho Grand

I will be making my debut at the Soho Grand Hotel on February 7th, and I am pleased to announce that it will be my new Thursday night haunt. It is a very special oasis of chicness inside Manhattan and I hope you will join me there for many stylish musical nights. The Soho Grand Hotel is famous for establishing itself as Manhattan’s first luxury downtown boutique hotel. In 1996, it was the first hotel to open in the neighborhood in over a century. The design is absolutely stunning: it is breathtaking without being garish, and though the surroundings are quite impressive the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I will be performing inside the Club Room, a very intimate and cosy lounge perfect for crooning. The textures are luscious, the drinks are suave and the hostesses are among the finest gems of New Amsterdam: every smallest detail has been handpicked with vigilant care to satisfy your most capricious pleasures.

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