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Monday at Birdland

Night owl crooner legend Jim Caruso shared a great picture of Adrien Chevalier and I at Birdland in December. My good friend Misha, tenderly known to most of the swing community as Crazy Michael due to his superb personality, took us to Birdland on a Monday night to attend Cast Party, hosted by the inimitable Mister Caruso. We had a wonderful time, the pear martini alone is worth the trip, and have I mentioned Jim Caruso? He simply is my new hero. We heard some very good singers and also some other creatures who were just as entertaining, but in a different way. We were invited to perform Cole Porter’s 1953 Broadway showtune”C’est Magnifique” with the house band. There apparently were a few celebrities in the club on that night, but I am shortsighted so I didn’t notice anything besides the fun and welcoming audience. We’ll be back! And here is the picture:

jazz singer Birdland

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