Tatiana Eva-Marie Gordon Webster

On tour with Gordon Webster: Genova

Going on tour with Gordon Webster and his band of musical miscreants is the most wonderful feeling in the world. First of all I love traveling. I had not been back to Europe in three years and I missed it so terribly dearly. Also, I love Gordon’s energy and many of his musicians are close friends of mine, so really it’s just my kind of paradise: my favorite music, my favorite people and my favorite hobby all combined.

Gordon Webster & Friends at the Teatro della Gioventu

The first stop was the glorious city of Genova. What a perfect place to rediscover Europe in all its splendor! I could not stop touching and smelling the old stones I used to take for granted. When you grow up surrounded by incredible architecture and beautiful historic landmarks, you appreciate them of course (I myself always worshipped them), but you don’t realize how much they are an essential part of your soul. I didn’t know just how much I excruciatingly longed for them until I was in Genova rolling blissfully in the medieval dust laughing and crying manically.

gordon webster swingWe were invited to perform at the Teatro della Gioventu by Silvia Palazzolo and the Zena Swingers. Silvia took such marvelous care of us and I got to taste delicious Ligurian specialties and discover a new obsession: walnut pesto (salsa di noci). Wandering through the marketplace sampling cheese and salami brought tears of hedonistic joy to my eyes. It was wonderful to be back home. Europe is my heart and soul. The cafés, the colors, the beauty, the pastries, the terraces, the smells… and it was lovely to share all these pleasures with my friend the talented bassist Brandi Disterheft. Above is a picture of us enjoying hot chocolate in the Genova marketplace.

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