The Gallery Studio

My New Adventure

Tomorrow is my first day recording my new musical project at the Gallery Studio in Brooklyn. We already recorded the tracks and I will be adding my vocals and working on the sound I want to create. I am listening to the raw material right now and I love the unique energy the musicians brought into the songs. This is a new adventure for me, because in addition to a few French and American standards, I will also be recording my own original material. I am experiencing with composition in a style that can be called “neo-swing”, or maybe even “swing-pop”, anyway it is my time-bubble vision of music combined with a timburtonesque sensitivity (I always was a goth at heart) and filtered through the modern energy of my musicians who all come from very different backgrounds. Funk, Classical, Gypsy, pop, bop, old school… they all make it swing with their own pinch of personality, which makes the music alive and unique.

I am very excited and I hope you are too! Join me at the Lambs Club (Wednesday November 14th 2012) for my gig, from 7:30-11pm, and I will tell you how it went!

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