tatiana eva marie new cd

Avalon’s New CD

tatiana eva marieIt’s almost here! The new Avalon Jazz Band CD is roasting on the fire as we speak, getting nice and crispy, juicy too, ready to be delivered to you in the early autumn. This one is special to my heart, it’s all in French and the repertoire was chosen to celebrate Paris, the city where I spent my coming of age. I wanted to record a tribute-CD to Paris that didn’t include the same old songs we’ve heard a thousand times. No loving of Paris in the springtime, no mention of being under Paris skies. These are tunes, written by famous French authors such as Charles Trenet, Boris Vian, Joseph Kosma, Paul Misraki, that have somewhat fallen into oblivion and deserve to be revived. In addition to the usual team of excellent musicians, I have invited two special guests to join us: Sara L’Abriola on guitar and Roberto Gervasi on accordion. This will be an album full of Parisian joie de vivre mingled with melancholy. I am very excited to share it with you.

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New Orleans Recording

New Orleans Recording

While we were in New Orleans for the inauguration of the Louisiane, a brand new river boat sailing up and down the Mississippi, we decided to record an impromptu live CD at the gorgeous Parlor Studio, one of the most breathtaking recording studios in the United States, founded by musician and engineer Matt Grondin. This was the perfect occasion to launch my latest project “Tatiana and her Bushwick Boys” a band inspired by the music of the 1920s and early 30s and the repertoire of performers such as Lee Morse, Annette Hanshaw, Cliff Edwards, Baby Rose Marie, Louis Prima and Fats Waller, to name a few. This was my first trip to New Orleans and I was completely swept off my feet, the urge to record was too great to resist and even though it wasn’t planned and it was all just thrown together, we just had to do it. This recording is a scruffy, candid and spontaneous tribute to the South and its songs, including tunes such as “New Orleans” by Hoagy Carmichael and more obscure gems such as “Lazy Louisiana Moon” and “That’s where the South begins”. I am excited to be releasing it this summer! It will feature Garrett Manley on guitar, Adrien Chevalier on violin, Julian Smith on bass and Arnt Arntzen on banjo and guitar. I am honored to have a very special guest, native New Orleanian (and one of my dearest friends) Sasha Masakowski join me for a song.

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CD release at the Iridium

CD release at The Iridium

On Tuesday September 6th we had our CD release for “Je Suis Swing” at The Iridium, one of my favorite jazz clubs in New York City, and we gathered all of the album’s cast for a great big party concert! On this picture (snapped by Amos Rose) you can admire, from left to right, Adrien Chevalier on violin, Olli Soikkeli on guitar, Albert Behar on accordion (who has also mixed the CD), yours truly on vocals, Vinny Raniolo on guitar, Brandi Disterheft on upright bass and Evan Arntzen on clarinet.

tatiana eva-marie jazz singer new york olli soikkeli vinny raniolo brandi disterheft

It was a fabulous night of music, we were very happy to present our CD in such a warm and festive atmosphere. I am especially proud of this new album, because it’s so full of joy and beautiful energy. All of the musicians I collaborated with perfectly understood my vision for this project and graced me with their many talents, support and luminous friendship. I feel very honored indeed.

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Je Suis Swing CD Avalon Jazz Band

Avalon’s New CD “Je Suis Swing”

I am so proud to present Avalon Jazz Band‘s brand new CD “Je Suis Swing“! This album is our tribute to the Zazou swing kids, the rebels who protested the war through music, dance and laughter. In our own way, we feel like we are continuing this tradition. Paris in the 1930s was a fascinating, bustling place where French jazz was born through the talents of musicians such as Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli and the emergence of composers like Charles Trenet and Joseph Kosma. Jean Sablon is considered by some to be the first French jazz singer: he was the first to use a microphone on stage and was nicknamed the “singer with no voice”, which meant that he had revolutionized the Parisian music scene. He gave Django Reinhardt his first big break and their collaboration has come to define French jazz as a very clever, intimate and dreamy way of expressing the essence of Paris’ innocent decadence. In many ways, French jazz meant preserving the bohemian spirit of Paris through times of uncertainty, war and turmoil, always retaliating with insolent joy and infinite joie de vivre.

This compilation of songs attempts to offer a glimpse of the musical landscape of 1930s and 40s Paris, not as a museum piece, but as an emotion suspended in time that can be accessed at any moment by a simple stretch of our romantic imaginations.

The beautiful artwork for our CD cover was created by Danielle Bennignus.

Purchase the CD here.

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The Snowball

With Gordon Webster: The Snowball!

I was so thrilled to finally sing with Gordon Webster and friends for the biggest international lindy hop event of the year: the Snowball in Stockholm, Sweden. This New Year swing dance workshop and party was just as epic as its reputation portrays: non stop day and night, with decadent fun at every corner. My girl Brandi Disterheft was on the gig playing bass and a more recent addition to the band was Swedish trumpet player Bjorn Ingelstam, who has now relocated to New York City and is one of my favorite jazz musicians and people. I also had the pleasure of discovering a local vocal trio, the Hebbe Sisters, who sang a few tunes with the band.

tatiana eva marie jazz singer snowball gordon webster

Visiting Sweden was always a dream of mine and I was so glad to spend a few days in its beautiful capital, under the snow. The Vasa Museum was absolutely incredible and just walking around the old medieval center was inspiring and beautiful, especially at night when there was nobody there. It felt like a fairy tale. I woke up in the New Year and decided I just had to go up to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, so that’s exactly what I did: you can read all about it on my blog Following Hermes.

tatiana eva-marie sweden snowball jazz singer gordon webster

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Tatiana Eva-Marie Gordon Webster

On tour with Gordon Webster: Genova

Going on tour with Gordon Webster and his band of musical miscreants is the most wonderful feeling in the world. First of all I love traveling. I had not been back to Europe in three years and I missed it so terribly dearly. Also, I love Gordon’s energy and many of his musicians are close friends of mine, so really it’s just my kind of paradise: my favorite music, my favorite people and my favorite hobby all combined.


Gordon Webster & Friends at the Teatro della Gioventu

The first stop was the glorious city of Genova. What a perfect place to rediscover Europe in all its splendor! I could not stop touching and smelling the old stones I used to take for granted. When you grow up surrounded by incredible architecture and beautiful historic landmarks, you appreciate them of course (I myself always worshipped them), but you don’t realize how much they are an essential part of your soul. I didn’t know just how much I excruciatingly longed for them until I was in Genova rolling blissfully in the medieval dust laughing and crying manically.

gordon webster swingWe were invited to perform at the Teatro della Gioventu by Silvia Palazzolo and the Zena Swingers. Silvia took such marvelous care of us and I got to taste delicious Ligurian specialties and discover a new obsession: walnut pesto (salsa di noci). Wandering through the marketplace sampling cheese and salami brought tears of hedonistic joy to my eyes. It was wonderful to be back home. Europe is my heart and soul. The cafés, the colors, the beauty, the pastries, the terraces, the smells… and it was lovely to share all these pleasures with my friend the talented bassist Brandi Disterheft. Above is a picture of us enjoying hot chocolate in the Genova marketplace.

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Tatiana Eva-Marie in Fiji

December in Fiji

I complain a lot. But in truth I am a very lucky girl. I get to travel around the world with my music and last December I was in Fiji for a whole week, on a private island, at the beautiful Shangri-La resort on Viti Levu. Avalon Jazz Band was invited to perform there for an annual conference. We were fortunate enough to have a lot of time between concerts to explore the island and its surroundings. White beaches, luxurious flowers, huge delightful bats, rainbow-colored fish, passion fruit galore, warm tropical rain, island hopping, pineapples sprouting everywhere like mushrooms, and the friendliest people on the planet. Everyone is flashing pretty smiles at you and greeting you with a cheerful “bulah!” (means “hello”). I am not usually a big fan of tropical places (I am more attracted to fjords and sleigh-dogs), but I fell in love with this magnificent land and its generous, kind-hearted people. They kept asking me “is it true there are homeless people in New York?”. Because it is unthinkable to them. A very humbling and inspiring experience.

The highlight of my trip was going deep inside the jungle to a traditional village. We asked the chief his permission to visit the sacred waterfall located on his territory, then the village children guided our horses through the towering trees, over nine rivers, to the regal cascade. My dream to become Indiana Jones finally came true. I bathed in the magic waters, impressed the kids (and myself) by jumping from the tall rocks, and we had a picnic of fresh mango and cookies while we dried in the sun.

It was very strange to come back to New York. I left a part of my soul in Fiji. It is waiting for me there… and if I close my eyes real tight during the wee hours of the night, then sometimes the distant sound of honking cars and screeching Brooklyn stray cats transform into the rumbling of the sacred waters, or the sweet hum of a fragrant frangipani, and I hear the soft pounding of the lali drums right in the center of my heart, calling me back to my beloved Viti.

Tatiana Eva-Marie in Fiji

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Tatiana Eva-Marie swing

Catalina Swing Dance Festival

What a perfect week-end! Sunny California I love you, especially when you bring me to an island called Avalon. “Twenty-six miles across the sea. Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me. Santa Catalina, the island of romance. Romance, romance, romance.” Yes, this little island made me very happy. I was invited as guest singer with the renowned Gordon Webster and his band at the Catalina Swing Dance Festival and I had the time of my life. I could hardly believe my eyes when I stepped into the enchanting Avalon Ballroom, and the mere thought of singing on that stage made me feel like a very lucky girl.

On the left are pictures of me with three of the most important swing bandleaders of our time. First you’ve got the inimitable Gordon Webster, originally from Canada, who is kind of a rock star in the lindy hop community. I always walk on stage ready to dodge the lace panties the girls may start throwing at him. Then you’ve got mister George Gee, whom I was meeting for the first time, and whose career took a drastic turn when he met Count Basie in the flesh: he decided to dedicate his life to swing. And last, but certainly not least, here I am with Pittsburg’s own sweetheart Paul Cosentino, leader of the Boilermaker Jazz Band and frequent guest clarinetist with Gordon Webster’s band. Paul is a great inspiration for young jazz musicians out there and he has taught me a lot about music, sophistication… and swing dancing!

Fun times in Avalon: sea, swing & sun!


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tatiana eva-marie concerts NYC

Concert at Joe’s Pub

I was very happy indeed to be invited to give a concert at Joe’s Pub, an amazing venue in New York City where so many of my musical heroes have performed, from Eartha Kitt to Youssou N’Dour and more recently celebrated artists such as Norah Jones and Nellie McKay. This concert was the first step I took in developing my new musical project named, for the time being, “a musical tableau of Paris in the 1940s”. It combines American swing and French jazz with a slight Eastern European influence in the arrangements. I am very lucky to have assembled such a great cast of musicians for this show, with Adrien Chevalier (violin), Vinny Raniolo (guitar), Adrian Cunningham (clarinet, saxophone & flute), Brandi Disterheft (bass) and Kevin Congleton (drums). I was also very pleasantly surprised that we sold out our show and had such a lovely audience there to support us and enjoy our music.

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outdoor live jazz

A Sunday in Marseille

Yesterday, I performed for the New York French Consulate’s block party “A Sunday in Marseille”, celebrating Air France’s new direct line from New York to Marseille. It was a lot of fun! I loved watching French men intensely playing pétanque, the smell of warm croissants in the street, and the pretty girls in straw hats sipping their pastis in the sun. Avalon Jazz Band and I gave our rendition of 1940′s French jazz, with Adrien Chevalier on the violin, Vinny Raniolo on the gypsy guitar and Eduardo Belo on the bass. It was great to be transported back to France in spirit, even just for one summer afternoon. Below is a picture of me with the Ricard pinup girls.

tatiana eva-marie


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