Eva Qin photography

Blossom Lady

My dear friend Eva Qin, who is a ridiculously talented professional photographer, freshly graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been kind enough to pick me as her model and muse for several projects. Here is her latest creation!

We usually do vintage style and pinup inspired photography together, but when I saw her for this project she handed me a huge bunch of flowers on a wig, saying “Hey why don’t you just put this on your head and we may add some butterflies later too”. I was torn by different emotions ranging from excitement to fear and disbelief, I was wondering “how can this ever possibly look good?”, but I have learnt to always trust Eva Qin… and boy was I blown away by the result of this photoshoot. It truly goes beyond my wildest dreams and I am so proud to have worked with her to create such stunning images! I have many more awesome Eva Qin photos I will share in my “Gallery” page, coming soon, patience…

Eva Qin Photography

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