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My Lucky Socks

Last week I started recording my vocals for my new tracks, and we also recorded some of the instrumental passages. The Gallery Recording Studio is a great place, it has such a cool underground vibe and a lot of rare vintage equipment. It’s perfect for a jazz singer with a rock attitude (a.k.a. “me” hopefully). I was truly impressed by the quality of the sound, it is so clear and yet so warm and intimate. South Korean pianist Hyuna Park came over to record a few solos, and so did French bass player from Lyon Jérémy Bruyère. They are both frustrating (in a good way), because no matter how many takes we do, everything they play sounds awesome and it becomes really hard to choose in the end. Over all, the sound of these new tracks are very personal, because all the musicians really put their innermost souls into the music and worked to created a special mood for each song. I love when musicians make you travel. It also really helps me when I am recording my vocals, because it just makes everything so much easier to feel and express, and it gives me a lot of simple artistic freedom, which can be hard to come by. Brian Forbes, the sound engineer, is wonderful to work with. The atmosphere with him is always laid back, yet professional, and since he is also a musician he understands immediately what I want. I am really surrounded by an amazing gang and it seems like things could truly not be better. This coming from a very devout adept of French cynicism…

Above is a picture of me wearing my lucky socks at the Gallery Studio, on the cosy couch inside the “listening room”, working on the premix of the songs I recorded. Three down and four more to go! I am returning to the studio next week and who knows, maybe I will post a picture of me in my lucky underwear next time. Not.

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